About us

Trident Precious Metals helps individuals acquire gold and silver to protect their wealth at the most competitive prices with discrete, insured, and very fast delivery  

To do so, we’ve accessed the offerings and pricing methodology of other companies in our business.

Most companies have very large advertising costs, and are led by teams of sales representatives that are compensated on a commissioned basis creating a major conflict of interest. The products they offer most, are products that include the highest commission for them and their company. They may recommend such items as collectibles, “special or exclusive products" that they say will perform better than other products. Truth is gold and silver prices are based upon quality, fineness, and weight so don't be fooled.

Precious metals should be viewed as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven during economic uncertainty. They are an excellent choice during times of economic turmoil and worldwide instability.

View gold and other precious metals as an ideal source of diversity within your financial portfolio. Just as you wouldn’t put all of your wealth into a single asset like property, bonds, stocks, or cash, you also should not put all of your wealth into precious metals. However, securing a percentage of your assets in gold or any of the other precious metals can be viewed like an insurance policy wrapped around your wealth.

Stephen J. Gambale President & CEO